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June 30 2015

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Remember the time it was so hot in halifax that the lampposts melted because I completely forgot to post about it when I was actually in halifax so here it is 2 weeks late

Dali would be proud

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Sherlock’s like a kid who tries to explain to his father why he gets home late.

2 years late

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Dang, must have been hard to tell him
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Znajdź ramiona, które będą Cię przytulać w najtrudniejszych chwilach. 
Oczy, które będą patrzeć na najbrzydsze.
I serce, które będzie Cię kochać w najgorszym. 
Wtedy znajdziesz prawdziwą miłość
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June 29 2015

self discovery
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These kids have it all figured out.These kids have it all figured out.These kids have it all figured out.
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June 27 2015

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